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The Grand Rapids Jaycees Foundation, chartered in 1983, works to contribute to the welfare of our local community through projects managed by the Grand Rapids Jaycees Foundation and our sister organization the Grand Rapids Junior Chamber 

The Grand Rapids Jaycees Foundation mission is: "The Grand Rapids Jaycees Foundation is committed to strengthening the community by giving... building... leading."

Current Board Of Trustees

  • Terri Sernau, President
  • Andrea Bohez, Treasurer
  • Rachael Eerdmans, Trustee
  • Jennifer Baker, Trustee
  • Rebecca Burgenmeyer, Trustee
  • MaryBeth Schafer, Trustee
  • Sarah Fales, Trustee
  • Amanda Serocke, Trustee
  • Navi Singh, Trustee
  • David Morgenstern, Trustee
  • Rick Baker, Trustee

Trustees oversee the Foundation’s investment portfolio, distribute grants and promote community development. To be eligible to become a Trustee, one must have served on the Grand Rapids Jaycees chapter board for one year or have been a Grand Rapids Jaycees chapter member for at least three years.

Life Members of the Grand rapids Jaycees Foundation
Life Members
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